Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Solar energy is taken for granted. However, a lot of people start to see its advantages and do something different. You may ask yourself why turn to solar when you have your electric company that provides electricity for you. You will be amazed how good it is to get energy individually and at your own speed. See how it fits best and how much your budget allows and enjoy in the advantages of your solar panels. They may supplement a part of your electrical needs or you may produce electricity completely on your own. Either way you will feel better about yourself because you do something about the environment as well.

Advantages of solar energy

Solar energy has a lot of advantages. You will be amazed how much you can save with it. You have to invest at the beginning, but after that initial investment, you produce electricity for free. Utility companies and governments give incentives and rebates. This can reduce your initial investment to a great amount. If your solar panels produce extra electricity that you don’t use, there is a chance of selling the excess electricity. You will drastically reduce or even completely eliminate the electric bill. There are new solar solutions constantly being developed. They are easier to install and less obtrusive. This means that the efficiency of solar panels is constantly increasing while their cost is decreasing. The sun is a clean and renewable energy source. You won’t need to pay for transmission costs. The energy is consumed right at the place where it is produced.

The good side of using solar energy

There are so many advantages of using solar energy. It is great to see how people are starting to realize this and invest in solar panels. The investment will be well worth it because solar systems have warranties of 20 or 30 years. They are long lasting systems that technically do not need any maintenance and need no recurring costs. Depending on your budget you can supply all the electric needs by solar panels or just a part of it. You can produce energy completely on your own. There is also a possibility to stay tied to the grid and sell the excess electricity to the utility company by using net metering. If you live in an area that can’t be tied to the grid, solar panels are ideal. They can be easily installed. There will be no noise because the solar panels operate silently.

Disadvantages of solar energy

The main disadvantage of solar energy is the large sum of money that needs to be invested in order to buy a solar panel system. The cost can be reduced later; however, you still need the money at the beginning. Not everyone can afford it. Installing a solar system requires a large area. Some people do not have enough space to install solar panels. Another disadvantage is the well known fact that full sun exposure is needed for highest efficiency. There is no electricity produced on rainy and cloudy days.